2017-11-30 11:12:23

The tools of the modern workplace make it possible to stay connected from almost anywhere in the world. And many can be used while on vacation too. For Alayna Frankenberry, Skype has become the communications tool of choice—both at work and when away.
现代工作场所的工具使世界上几乎任何地方都能保持联系。很多人也可以在度假时使用。对于Alayna Frankenberry来说,Skype已经成为在工作选择的通信工具和离开时。

Alayna currently works as an inbound marketing manager for BlueSky ETO, a company that helps brands streamline and elevate their marketing campaigns. Her focus is on increasing brand awareness and attracting new clients. “My strategies are highly content-driven but also include social media marketing, digital advertising, and web optimization,” she says. Her client base features a diverse array of industries, including finance, hospitality, retail, nonprofit, franchises, and marketing agencies.

Her previous work includes The Content Factory, where she came aboard as a writer and graduated to a senior account executive. She’s used a lot of tools in her career but few she’s found as valuable as Skype. “A lot of digital tools I use come and go, but Skype is definitely here to stay—I rely on it for so much!” she says. “I love that Skype allows me to not just hear someone but see them—and know that they’re focused in on the call instead of secretly playing Xbox or washing the dishes on mute.”

One aspect of Alayna’s current role is training. And for that, too, Skype has been indispensable. “I love that Skype makes it easy to screenshare—something that’s been invaluable to me as I train employees and clients on my favorite digital tools,” she says. “I also use Skype for inbound marketing meetings and quick updates with superiors and colleagues.”

As a tool for work, Skype is a crucial part of Alayna’s arsenal, but it’s also great when she’s out of the office. “On a personal level, my favorite time to use Skype is the holidays,” she says. “Last year, my whole family crowded into the screen to open presents with a cousin who couldn’t make the trek to Pittsburgh.”

She also takes Skype with her when she goes abroad. “I’ve used Skype from basically halfway around the world in Dubai. My family took a 13-hour plane ride there for my sister’s wedding. It was an unforgettable experience!” she says. “I’ve also used Skype from San Juan, Cozumel, New York City, Washington DC, San Diego, and Toronto.”

Being able to stay connected while filling up her passport, Alayna has been able to log some memorable experiences, including what she calls “the best moment” of her life so far: getting to play with a penguin. “If I ever get married or have kids, this moment may be overshadowed, but honestly it might not. I cried. This penguin’s name was Lollipop and I met her at the Mall of the Emirates at Ski Dubai—a ski slope in the middle of the mall!” She also got to meet a falcon, whose handler told Alayna it didn’t have a name. “It’s a falcon. Its name is Falcon,” he told her. “He looked like more of a Henry to me,” Alayna jokes.
能够在保持联系的同时,填补了她的护照,Alayna已经能够记录一些难忘的经历,包括她所谓的“最好的时刻”,迄今为止,她的生活:去玩一个企鹅。“如果我结婚生子,这个时刻可能会蒙上阴影,但老实说,可能不会。”。我哭了。这只企鹅的名字叫Lollipop,我见到她在阿联酋购物中心在商场中dubai-a滑雪场滑雪!“她还遇到了一只猎鹰,其处理程序告诉Alayna它没有名字。“It’s a falcon. “它的名字叫猎鹰,”他告诉她。“他看上去更像一个我的亨利,”Alayna开玩笑。

At work and play, flying the world or sitting in her office, Alayna continues the upward trajectory of her career, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Skype keeps her connected to her clients and her family while she works, travels, and meets birds of all feathers.