2017-10-16 15:05:07

Over the weekend music fans used Skype to give fellow fans a behind-the-scenes look into the 6th annual Frendly Gathering music festival. Frendly Gathering was founded by professional snowboarders Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis. Their mission was to create an inclusive musical event for their frends and guests, where there is no “I” in “Frends.” Located at Timber Ridge Resort in Windham, Vermont, this year’s festival featured 30 acts encompassing the styles of rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, jam, reggae and electronic bands. The three-day festival also featured camping, yoga, food, skateboarding, dance workshops, inspiration and of course the “FrendShip,” a vintage Airstream that was converted into a mobile recording studio.

在用Skype给球迷一个幕后看看第六年友好聚会音乐节周末音乐迷。友好的聚会是由Jack Mitrani和D·达韦斯创立的专业滑雪。他们的任务是为他们的朋友和客人创造一个包容性的音乐事件,没有“我”的“朋友”。位于木岭度假村在Windham,佛蒙特州,今年的电影节精选30行为包括摇滚、蓝草、民俗、果酱的风格,雷鬼和电子乐队。在为期三天的节日还包括露营、瑜伽、食品、滑板、舞蹈工作坊,灵感,当然“友谊,“复古的气流,被转换成一个移动的录音工作室。

The FrendShip


Throughout the festival, the Frendly Crew used the FrendShip to host Skype-enabled recording sessions and interviews with the artists, where fans at home could check in via Skype. Frendly acts such as Eminence Ensemble, Twiddle, Monophonics, Trevor Hall/Mihali Savoulidis and Jaden Carlson Band used Skype to share their music and their story with fans everywhere.

节日期间,船员用友谊的友好主机Skype使录音与艺术家访谈,那里的球迷在家里可以通过Skype。友好行为如隆起的合奏,旋转,monophonics,特里沃大厅/ mihali savoulidis和杰登卡尔森乐队用Skype来分享他们的音乐和他们的故事都与球迷。

Facebook Live with Jack


Frendly Gathering co-founder Jack Mitrani hosted an exclusive Facebook Live session on Skype’s Facebook page to kick off the festival. During his live intro, he gave fans a tour of the stage and introduced them to their headlining act Twiddle.

友好的聚会创始人Jack Mitrani主办的独家脸谱网Live会议上,Skype的脸谱网网页开始节。他的生活的介绍,他给球迷一个阶段的游览和介绍他们的头条法旋转。

Bringing fans even #CloserWithSkype

将粉丝甚至# closerwithskype

To bring fans even closer to the action, we invited X Games medalist and TV host Chanelle Sladics along with Rock on Philly founder Jennifer Logue to take over Skype’s Instagram live from the festival. Together they captured the unique spirit of Frendly Gathering, hung out at the FrendShip and made some new frends along the way. Chanelle started off the takeover on June 24th and shared snaps of the festival throughout the day.

为球迷带来更接近的行动,我们邀请了极限运动会金牌得主,电视主持人Chanelle Sladics一起在费城的创始人Jennifer Logue岩接管Skype的Instagram活节。他们一起拍摄的友好聚会的独特精神,挂在友谊和前进的道路上取得了一些新的朋友。Chanelle开始了在6月24日收购和共享照片的节日在一天。

Chanelle said of Frendly Gathering, “Meeting new Frends, making new memories and being able to share the experience over Skype made the Frendly Gathering feel more like a family reunion with people I’d never met than a music festival with strangers. It was definitely the most ‘eco-frendly’ festival I’d ever been to, with a ton of re-purposed and upcycled items including wooden day beds and fence panels. The recycling options were amazing and really made the Frendly Gathering green thumb stand out—all the food vendors were only using compostable materials, for example. Such a Frendly vibe. I was so impressed by the local, organic non-GMO food with vegan options. Best food I ever had at a festival.”


In addition to posting photos of the stage, Chanelle also caught Jaden Carlson Band wrapping up an acoustic set in the FrendShip and inspired a frend via Skype to make the two-hour drive to the festival.

除了发布的剧照,Chanelle也被Jaden Carlson带包裹在友谊的声和灵感的朋友通过Skype打到节两小时车程。

Chanelle then passed our Instagram to Jennifer who, over the next 24 hours, shared the festival through her eyes. After hanging with the skateboarders, Jennifer used Skype to share some awesome music from the FrendShip with some frends in Spain.


“Our frends in Spain were anxious to feel the Frendly vibes and being able to make a Skype video call from right inside a FrendShip session really made them feel closer to the music,” said Jennifer. “Meeting Jack and Danny, and feeling their energy and commitment to bringing Frends together for great music while having a positive impact on the environment was inspiring. In my life thus far, I have been to countless music festivals but something set this one apart.”