2017-08-07 10:52:59

Skype loves getting people closer to those they love the most, wherever they happen to be in the world. It’s what drives us and what we get out of bed for every day. We also love seeing how people use our technology beyond its traditional usage.


We caught up with Valerie Gascoyne and Shirley Hart to find out how Skype helps their recruitment business.

我们赶上了Valerie Gascoyne和Shirley Hart,了解Skype如何帮助他们的招聘业务。

Valerie, founder of Gass Associates Ltd, is known in the creative field as the matchmaker of the creative industry. She offers her wealth of knowledge to both clients and candidates, gained from her many years of experience placing top talent both in the UK and worldwide.


Her business colleague Shirley is an ex-creative director with more than 8 years of recruitment experience and an in-depth understanding of the creative process and integrated agency world.


“We started using Skype about 10 years ago” explains Shirley, “I don’t know what we would do without it—we use it all the time. It’s important especially as we work in a virtual cloud.”


And finding out more about the business, it becomes obvious just how important Skype is in their work. Valerie tells us how they work all over the world to connect people with their dream jobs:


“Apart from London and Europe, we work across Singapore, Canada, New York, Dubai, and most of the Middle East. We have clients and candidates from Aberystwyth to Zanzibar.”


Shirley continues:


“Of course it’s an interactive, almost virtual relationship. Almost like meeting and being invited into someone’s personal space. I’ve even had grand tours of candidate’s homes.”


So being in an industry that specializes in matchmaking people to their perfect roles, how easy is it to see a candidate’s personality over a video call? Valerie tells us that sometimes it’s a great way to make introductions, “it’s very helpful to get an overview of the person and get a feel for their career objectives. To see how they articulate and present themselves—Skype is a great tool for first interview stage.”


Interviews, salary negotiations and relocating to another country is all serious stuff. But Shirley explains they have a lot of fun along the way with Skype:


“We’ve had Skype calls across the world and we’ve had people in their pajamas, just out of the pool, on the beach, and a guy skiing. Getting the time difference right always seems to cause untold problems. Whether it’s my time or your time… even when confirmed the results are often hilarious.”


Being specialists in recruitment, particularly jobs abroad, Skype seems an invaluable addition to Gass. Valerie tell us how much technology has changed the world of recruitment consulting in the last 10 years:


“It’s hard to imagine when not everyone had mobile phones or the internet at home and no LinkedIn. CVs would be sent out by post or by fax, portfolios would be stacked in advertising agency receptions. Everything was slower and the folios had, and still have, dreadful polly pockets with the leaves falling out—so some things don’t change.”